Miss Sushi Alicante

During my last vacation in Alicante Miss Sushi caught my eye immediately. Not only its gay interior with lots of pink, dark walls and silver notes which can easily been seen through its vast windows make me stop but its humongous variety of different dishes is thrilling. They serve sushi in all different kind and colors like tempuras, exitos, tartar, cakes, sashimi, tataki, nikkei, vegetal sushi, temakis, sushi desserts and many others. You have to have a look at the menu yourself!

Miss Sushi is open only for tree months yet and every time I walked through calle Castaños 3 in Alicante, the restaurant was very busy and people had to been turned away when they didn’t reserve a table before.

This is what I did and I had two fabulous dinners within two weeks with my love. The delicious Miss Sushi Combos are pure pleasure for eye and stomach and are served by attentive, friendly and cute waiters.

Miss Sushi are available as take aways or home delivery, too.

If you are a sushi junkie you’d better have a go when you stroll the streets of Alicante!

¡Buen provecho chicos!


My first Blog!

Hi everybody!

I step out into the sun and dear to describe my sabbatical year here in Spain. On the blog I describe my experience living in a foreign country, how I discover the region and what I see in everyday life. I’m very excited about it and love to live the adventure.

Have you ever lived in a foreign country? Tell me about your experiences!

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