Awesome In-Port footage of Volvo Ocean Race in Alicante

Thank you for this exciting film footage of Volvo Ocean Race In-Port Race in Alicante.

Very looking forward to Saturday 11 October for leg start 1 to Cape Town, South Africa, when the seven teams set off for their first off shore sailing race this year. I will try to get some new and own made impressions and photographs on the spot in Alicante, so you might check my blog again soon!

See you then and enjoy one of the official videos of Volvo Ocean Race 2014/15 above,



Volvo Ocean Race, big opening today in Alicante

Today Ocean Race Village opens its doors thanks to a thoroughly preparation and with the help of more than 450 volunteers. After a long time of silence Volvo Ocean Race is back on its feet with seven teams on start ready to compete around the world.

First In-Port Race starts on 4 October at 2pm and one week later on 11 October at 2pm leg start 1 to Cape Town is set.

I’m looking forward to seeing that live in Alicante in short time. Are you there, too?

Good wind to everybody,


More background information here!