Marcolisa, exquisite French-Belgian cuisine in Alicante

Restaurant Marcolisa opened in their new location at the end of 2013. Decent beige and brown colours pamper your eyes and go perfectly with the modern light atmosphere of the interior furniture and bar. I just love the harmony between the old style rustic building and the new light architecture inside the dining room. Even better than the interior design are the exquisite French-Belgian dishes. The card offers a vast variety of different meat dishes, side dishes and yummy desserts. I had the Entrecôte de Paris and enjoyed every bite of it! The Belgian proprietary and her husband who cooks the delicious meals himself came back into business after they both decided that being retired is too boring! I admire their attitude and power to set up a new business. Try it out when you are in Alicante. They serve lunch and dinner. I consider going back very soon.

Restaurante Marcolisa

Marcolisa, Av Albufereta, 18, 03016 Alicante