Road trip 1: North bound

While visiting Alicante I recommend to plan a road trip up the coast. I was very lucky to do so yesterday with lots of sunshine and blue sky.

Foto 1

Near Moraira

The beauty of the coast with its sheer cliffs and picturesque viewpoints to the Mediterranean were well worth the trip.

Foto 1

Cap de la Nau

Foto 2

Cap de la Nau

Xàbia (spelled in valenciano) or Jávea (spelled in castellano) was the furthest village I visited on the trip. Beautiful houses are scattered in the outskirts of Xàbia but the neighbourhood reminded me of a ghost town. Empty streets can be seen everywhere and I guess life there right now is pretty lonesome and very quiet. Probably most of these houses are owned by foreigners who flock in thousands to the Marina alta in the summer months. I rather prefer to live in a more lively environment where bars and restaurants are open all year round.

What me struck the most on yesterday’s trip was that if you look for white sandy beaches you’d better stay in Alicante region. Up north from Calpe gravel beaches are common but the view is still fabulous.


Granadella beach

I finally spoiled myself with delicious tapas in Altea on the way back to Alicante. The sunset was spectacular, don’t you agree? What a day!


Street in Altea

Foto 4

Nuestra Señora del Consuelo

Can’t wait for my next road trip very soon. Stay tuned!