Miss Sushi Alicante

During my last vacation in Alicante Miss Sushi caught my eye immediately. Not only its gay interior with lots of pink, dark walls and silver notes which can easily been seen through its vast windows make me stop but its humongous variety of different dishes is thrilling. They serve sushi in all different kind and colors like tempuras, exitos, tartar, cakes, sashimi, tataki, nikkei, vegetal sushi, temakis, sushi desserts and many others. You have to have a look at the menu yourself!

Miss Sushi is open only for tree months yet and every time I walked through calle Castaños 3 in Alicante, the restaurant was very busy and people had to been turned away when they didn’t reserve a table before.

This is what I did and I had two fabulous dinners within two weeks with my love. The delicious Miss Sushi Combos are pure pleasure for eye and stomach and are served by attentive, friendly and cute waiters.

Miss Sushi are available as take aways or home delivery, too.

If you are a sushi junkie you’d better have a go when you stroll the streets of Alicante!

¡Buen provecho chicos!


How sexy can the Resurrection of Christ be?

Today I have witnessed two impressive Easter procession in the old town of Alicante. Hermandad Nuestra Señora de Alegria and Gloriosa Hermandad el Cristo Resucitado have demonstrated in their slow procession through the narrow streets of el casco antiguo how deep their religious believes and the Resurrection of Christ lies.

I consider myself not to be a religious person at all. I rather go to see these processions to witness the cultural aspect of it and try to take some interesting pictures.  But when estimated 100 people carry these tremendous floats (Pasos) on their shoulders in their slow procession through the city one can simply stand in awe and follow this religious ritual with deep respect.

The two statues were carried to la placa de ayuntamiento, where la Virgen and el Cristo faced each other and the two processions ended. Normally, I don’t like these holy statues too much as sometimes they look kind of creepy to me.  But after today’s processions I surely can say that el Cristo de San Nicolás is the sexiest Christ statue I’ve ever seen… don’t you think? 😉


Happy Easter everyone,


My Fifty Shades of Alicante

I can call myself very lucky to escape some days from the cold, wet and grey weather back home. An only two hours flight brings me to beautiful and sunny Alicante and back to summer.
Very much indeed, while other shiver and struggle with the flu, I’m enjoying my fifty shades of Alicante! As soon as I touch ground, I can’t help than…

1. Be astonished how much warmer it is here than at home when stepping outside the airport.

2. Fetch the bus from the airport to Alicante.

3. Look at the endless Mediterranean while getting to Alicante Postiguet beach.

4. Gaze at the many palm trees on the ride.

5. Do a night walk at the port and the Esplanada. 

6. To find the perfect pick for some tasty tapas.

7. Support some newcomers who tour Europe with their new CD.

8. To have a glass of Monastrell, a tasty red wine.

10. To find new bars and restaurants in Alicante which opened recently.

11. To walk around the barrio and find out what has changed since the last time I came.

12. Do as many beach walks as possible to soak up the sun. This time I went to Playa San Juan and el Cabo.

13. To test the Med’s temperature. Though, still chilly at this time of the year.

14. To do a morning run in San Vicente. This is where Gisela’s Olive Garden is.

15. Fill up the fridge with Spanish specialties.

16. To eat heaps of Manchego cheese.

17. To check the garden and plants how they dwell since I’ve left.

18. To feel right at home when I open the door.

19. To stay up late and sleep in next day.

20. To chat with neighbors and find out about the latest rumours.

21. To sign up for a painting lesson with the neighbor.

22. To paint a picture with oil-based paint.

23. To learn from a gifted painter and follow her instructions.

24. To make myself tostadas with tomatoes and cheese for lunch.

25. To listen to local radio stations and swing along some new spanish songs.

26. To enjoy the silence in the garden.

27. To put on lots of sunscreen.

28. To be amused about the barking dogs when walking in the street.

29. To count dog shit when walking along Avenida Haygon. This time I counted 3… Not bad. 😉

30. To take a tram ride to Alicante with Linea 2.

31. To watch a movie at Megarama at Outlet Stores Alicante. You figure our which film it was this time… 😉 .

32. To be amused how little people go to the cinema during the week. I counted 10 peeps included me for a supposed to be blockbuster.

33. Try to understand as much as possible of the film.

34. To eat a bucket of popcorn during the film.

35. To feel bad when eating junk food after the film.

36. To improve my Spanish by talking and listening carefully to people.

37. To meet up with friends from Ibi and Castalla.

38. To have dinner with them. What about Sushi?

39. To sunbath and nap in the garden.

40. To try out our Ecuadorian hammock.

41. To change from winter clothes to summer clothes.

42. To find clothes I left at Gisela’s Olive Garden last time and I have forgotten about. Yeah!

43. Always to wear my sunglasses when I’m outside.

44. To count the many “For Sale” signs in the area.

45. To have breakfast in the garden every day.

46. To chill on the sunbed and read a good book.

47. To take too many pictures of everything.

48. To eat dulce de leche ice cream in the barrio. 

49. To drink lots of Spanish wine.

50. To wish my next stay to Alicante comes very soon.

Can you feel me? 😉


Gisela’s Olive Garden

Are you bored and fed up with the miserable and cold weather yet? Are you constantly dreaming of summer and outdoor time, too? Well, there’s a place where all your dreams come true… To give you an idea of your probable 2015 holiday destination you might consider to stay at Gisela’s Olive Garden.

Gisela's Olive Garden

In autumn 2013 we started first as a B&B and the three bedrooms were quite busy with friends and familiy for many weeks. When the B&B era ended in July 2014, we decided to rent out the whole house for holiday makers. We are looking forward to proceed into our second year of our Spanish adventure and are curious how many people will enjoy a Costa Blanca holiday this year.

The house sleeps six people, has 3 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, livingroom, Wi-fi and is located only 15 minutes from the big and sandy beach San Juan at the Med.  In the lush garden, pool, jacuzzi, terrace, lounge and sun beds round-up your perfect relaxed holiday.

Bienvenido en casa, bienvenido en Gisela’s Olive Garden.

Hasta pronto,


Spreading the word on Facebook!

To all my followers I wish you a happy New Year, all the best for you and your dear ones and I hope all your wishes and hopes come true in 2015!

One of my New Year’s resolution was that I continue this project of writing my blog of giving you information about Alicante and its region in case you want to explore and travel this beautiful coastline on the Med. I’m sure you are already dreaming about some days in the warm sun and who knows, I might can inspire you for your next holiday destination.

I would be delighted if my posts would be of any help to you now or in the future.

To find my information easier than before I decided to create a site on Facebook. Doing so, liking my posts never have been easier before.

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I soon come up with some news from my favorite summer destination. Stay tuned and…

hasta luego,


I started my first blog some months ago and wasn’t really happy with the layout and picture of the blog.

As the year soon comes to an end and we are supposed to get rid and let go old things of the year 2014, I would like give a chance to the Hemingway Rewritten Theme…

What do you think about the new layout?

The picture was taken from Castillo Santa Barbara, the cradle of Alicante. I love it. Do you, too?




New Year, new layout…