How sexy can the Resurrection of Christ be?

Today I have witnessed two impressive Easter procession in the old town of Alicante. Hermandad Nuestra Señora de Alegria and Gloriosa Hermandad el Cristo Resucitado have demonstrated in their slow procession through the narrow streets of el casco antiguo how deep their religious believes and the Resurrection of Christ lies.

I consider myself not to be a religious person at all. I rather go to see these processions to witness the cultural aspect of it and try to take some interesting pictures.  But when estimated 100 people carry these tremendous floats (Pasos) on their shoulders in their slow procession through the city one can simply stand in awe and follow this religious ritual with deep respect.

The two statues were carried to la placa de ayuntamiento, where la Virgen and el Cristo faced each other and the two processions ended. Normally, I don’t like these holy statues too much as sometimes they look kind of creepy to me.  But after today’s processions I surely can say that el Cristo de San Nicolás is the sexiest Christ statue I’ve ever seen… don’t you think? 😉


Happy Easter everyone,



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