The race is on: Leg 1, Alicante – Cape Town

On Sunday 11 October I made it finally to Alicante port to see live all the boats, the teams and the huge organisation behind Volvo Ocean Race 2014/15.

I was really looking forward to immerse into the race atmosphere having known that only from other bloggers or from the main website. When I arrived in the morning, many visitors were on site and the Ocean Race Village was very busy already.

I just made it for the sailor’s parade where I was able to get some close up’s from the teams. The excitement was at the top when all of the vessels left the port one after the other under the cheer shouts of the supporters, their families and the fans from all over the world.

To watch the race I made it on to Muelle, the pier, where I could see the race take off 90 minutes later. The racing teams weren’t the only boats in the bay that afternoon. People watched the start from self chartered excursion boats, private yachts, helicopters and from the beach around Alicante.

Vestas Team didn’t have the smoothest start at all as they were forced to turn back to the starting point because of crossing the starting line before the start signal. The teams had to sail a cruise in the bay for about 50 minutes before they made it around the last buoy and finally towards Cape Town.

Weather forecast that night predicted rough sea and wind gales all the way to Gibraltar. We can say that the teams were tested the very first night on the Med! Right?

When you are more into film footage, here you’ll find an awesome report on Leg 1 start in Alicante! Enjoy!

Good wind and save travels to Cape Town everybody!



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