Restaurant with a view: El Mirador, or how to make the best out of Hotel Tryp Grand Sol

It just doesn’t fit into the city. Who agreed to get it built in the year 1971 right in Alicante’s heart? People who know Alicante or Lucentum, the city of light, that is how the Romans called the city, know what I’m talking about: Hotel Tryp Grand Sol, or an other skyscraper on the Costa Blanca.

The 26 storey high building with a penthouse on the top is, in my opinion, Alicante’s most hideous landmark. You can see it literally from far and close. Only in the narrow streets of the old town it disappears for a moment before it pops up again.

So, how do you handle this “stake” at the best?

Yes, get the ride in the elevator to the top and look at the view! And here you see what you miss when you don’t set foot on it!

On the 26th storey you’ll find El Mirador, the restaurant with a view. And when I say “a view”, I mean it. Dining up in the air while gazing at amazing Castillo Santá Barbara, the Mediterranean, the port and watch the sunset behind the mountains can’t be missed when visiting Alicante. Absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking! And all this while having dinner? Not a bad deal I would say, no?

I guess the fireworks for Hogueras can be seen perfectly from the restaurant with its big flawless windows. The perfect place to be and enjoy the city’s nightly activities.

El Mirador: Manhattan feeling at the Med. With that in mind, I can accept “the stake” much easier. Do you agree?

Shine like Grand Sol,



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