La Mary. Mediterranean cuisine in a french bistro ambiente


I’ve noticed La Mary Restaurante right away when it opened a few weeks ago in calle Castaños 5, Alicante but found time to try it out only a few days ago with some dear friends.

The restaurant shows off with its white and clear atmosphere. Some colourful dots give the red and blue sofas in different corners of the location. I very much appreciated the classy tiles just under the ceiling which provide a spanish touch to the room. Then you can’t miss the modern lampshades over the tables. You realize on the dot: Professionals have done a good job.

But how important is the atmosphere in a restaurant? Some of the restaurants in Alicante could need a complete makeover for sure but when it comes to food, your design chair doesn’t help much, does it?

As a matter of fact La Mary’s concept is clear and easy:

1 Fresh market food combined in a cosy and light atmosphere.

2 Elegant and sophisticated decoration and a discreet lightning.

3 Excellent and dynamic service.

4 Economic prices for quality time.

Anyway, it seems that their concept works because customers flock in every night. Good times with friends in a chic location make me come back for sure and the foie gras was one of the best I’ve ever eaten! Try it out and enjoy the new mediterranean bistro style. I wonder about your comments.

Till then… au revoir et bon appétit!




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