You have missed my previous blog about Las Fallas in Valencia? Well, here you have a chance to catch up with Hogueras in Alicante, similar festivities these days in Alicante.

Everything has started on Friday 13 June, when first activities were held on Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Starting from Sunday 15 June until Wednesday 18 June at midnight firecrackers (Mascletà a la Nit) were lit at Plaza de Los Luceros and kept all the city awake.

From Thursday 19 June until today, 24 June, firecrackers at 2 p.m. have made the crowd shout and cheer at Plaza de Los Luceros and the Mascletà of the past six days compete for the best and loudest presentation.

Check this out: Mascletà today at 2 p.m.

Want to see more about Hogueras 2014? Then stay tuned for Monumental Palmera (giant fireworks rocket from Castillo Santa Bárbara) and Cremà de los fogueres (burning of the ninots) tonight at 12 o’clock!

Alicante rocks tonight 😉



Hogueras Alicante 2014

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