Ale-Hop – top or flop?


Every time I walk by Ale-Hop on Rambla Méndez Nunez, 34 in Alicante, I have a glance through the window and take a halt in front of the entrance and ask myself: Shall I go in?

Sometimes I go, pass by the real sized black and white cow and find myself surrounded by fashionable accessories, beach fashion, shoes, hats, heaps of tacky products, fun articles hardly anybody can use, oversized sunglasses and plastic telephones in all forms and colours of the rainbow nobody would use nowadays.

I hardly buy something in there but just have a glimpse of it all puts a smile on my face. What do you think? Top or flop?

Stay fashionable and sweet as candy,



One thought on “Ale-Hop – top or flop?

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