Cara del Moro: Alicante’s best legend

Great blog of alicantehighlights about the city’s best preserved legend. Read and learn! 😉



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El Postiguet Beach.

A few metres from Melia Hotel.

Yes! That’s the right position.

Then you raise the look to the prominent Santa Barbara Castle, concretly to the Benacantil Mountain’s slopes and you’ll see it. This particular profile sculpted on the rocks – Cara del Moro (Moor Face) – reminds us the best keeped legend of Alicante and, apparently, the reason of its actual name.

The legend tells the story of one Califa and his only daughter, Cántara. He found two pretenders to marry her – Ali and Almanzor – and to decide the right one, the beloved father orders each one to perform a concret task. He ordered Almanzor to cross the world till India and pick up some spices to bring as present for Cántara; for Ali it was to build a ditch from Tibi’s reservoir to Alicante. Instead of that, Ali prefered to win…

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