Bangkok meets Alicante!

Last friday I had dinner with friends in the brand new Thai Corner restaurant, the only Thai restaurant in Alicante. We were delighted and very pleased of the delicious food they served. It is situated in the barrio right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Alicante’s night life (check out exact address below).

You can sit in the narrow street in front of the restaurant or if you prefer the more quiet option, you can decide between two levels within the restaurant.

The chef offers tasty traditional Thai food. A variety of curries, duck breast, sea food, fried rice and soups are available.

We learned that the chef originally comes from Bangkok and that she has arrived in Alicante only 6 weeks ago. Her tasty food, friendliness and authentic culture make me come back for sure.




C/ de los Labradores, 12, 03002 Alicante



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