Semana Santa in Barrio Santa Cruz, Alicante

Everything gets a bit denser when Semana Santa, the Easter week, starts in Spain. In Spain, Easter is more important than Christmas and during a week the country gets crazy not only because many Madrileños and other people from the center flock to the coast to enjoy sun and beach, many tourists mainly from northern Europe fly in, too. It’s basically the starting shot of the new season.

Every day processions can be seen in Alicante during Semana Santa. I went to the procession on 16 April in Barrio Santa Cruz where Hermandad de la Santa Cruz carried their Holy Week floats from Ermita de Santa Cruz down to the Rambla and back. The procession gets very emotional when the floats stop under the balcony of Hermandad de la Santa Cruz and songs dedicated  to each float are sung.

I learned that the heaviest float is about 5000kg. To see how up to 80 guys carry the floats through the narrow streets, up and down the stairs is very impressive.

At about midnight, the procession came to an end when the floats are brought back to Ermita de Santa Cruz. This time the floats were carried up the neighbourhood in lightning-speed! I loved the excitement and bustle of it the most.

Check out some impressions from that night in Barrio Santa Cruz. What a beauty, don’t you agree?

(Pictures by P. Bovey)

Happy Easter everyone!



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