Road trip 2, day 3, Toledo and El Greco

70km south of Madrid you find the history packed and gorgeous city of Toledo.


In the 16th century the greek painter with original name Domínikos Theotokópoulos came to Toledo and made paintings for the catholic church and people of influence in that time. El Greco created paintings which were little approved by the people though.

When in the 19th century his impressive amount of paintings were rediscovered by the avant-garde movement in Paris, his life work finally received recognition. The house where he lived with his family was transformed into a museum and people flocked from then on to Toledo to admire his paintings.

Museo El Greco 1

This year, 400 years after his death, the city of Toledo has organized expositions throughout the city. I wouldn’t consider El Greco to one of my favourite painters. Most of them show religious scenarios and spread pain, sadness or a helplessness to me but I admire how he combined light and shadow on the canvas.

P1020224 P1020230

I’m very happy to have discovered a new beautiful city in Spain and have witnessed an interesting exposition event.



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