Dying for tostada con tomate y queso

It’s been a few months since I’m living in Spain and some of its culture I internalized completely. There’s one dish I literally could eat day and night and its preparation is very quick and easy!

How to prepare tostadas con tomate y queso:

1. grate fresh tomatoes

2. add some salt, dry garlic, italian parsley and stir the portion

3. toast some baguette

4. put the grated tomatoes on the warm baguette and spread it out thoroughly

5. cut some cheese and make an extra layer

6. pour some olive oil on top

Tostadas are traditionally eaten for breakfast or lunch. I think they are ideal for starters, too. Aren’t the simplest things the best? 😉

I’m getting hungry here.

 Tostada tomate con queso

Hasta luego!




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