White skyscrapers of Playa San Juan

Some of you love them, some of you despise them. Skyscrapers have always been an issue to controversy and a lot has been said, thought and written about them.These two examples here on my blog captured on Playa San Juan, Alicante are types of buildings which you easily can spot on Costa Blanca.

The other wonderful day I walked along the beach like many other Alicantinos enjoying the sun and the nice spring temperatures. People come here often to stroll along the beach, look at the sea, do their daily exercises, have a coffee, enjoying Agua de Valencia,  have a chat…

I’ve seen the skyscrapers many times before but that day the light and moment was just perfect to get them digitalized. I like the colours and perspective of the pictures the most.

Simple. Straightforward. Sober.

I guess the view from their balconies over Playa San Juan and the Mediterranean must be fantastic!

I’m sure my blogger friend Jordana of White Cabana likes the pictures, too. They’re all white!




One thought on “White skyscrapers of Playa San Juan

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