Cocktail Agua de Valencia

Yesterday I made a post about Valencia. So I thought I could write another interesting fact about the city.

First, I heard about the cocktail in Almodovar’s recent movie Los amantes pasajeros. The flamboyant stewards on the flight to Miami serve the cocktail to all the passengers in First class.

And as a matter of fact, many bars on the Costa Blanca have this tasty cocktail on their card for a good reason : it tastes delicious!

How to do at home ? Nothing easier than that !

Take champagne or cava, orange juice, vodka, gin, white sugar, ice and a slice of orange for decoration and you’re set !


Can’t wait to enjoy my next sundowner on the terrace ! Cheers !



(pic P. Bovey)


3 thoughts on “Cocktail Agua de Valencia

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